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✨ Body Love Magic✨ 

A 4-week mindset and movement program where you'll actually have fun overcoming body drama because if the journey isn't fun, why would the destination be?

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Are you ready to say goodbye to the drama about your body once and for all? You’re in the right place.

We’ve heard so many women share that they have tried to fix their relationship with their body through dieting, over-exercising, body acceptance, and more and they just want to be done with the DRAMA.


They say, “It shouldn’t be so hard to feel good in my body!” Can you relate?


If so, BODY LOVE MAGIC is what you’ve been waiting for.


In this 4 week program with Hadley and Jaclyn, we will help you go from trying so hard to change your body to feeling more confident in your skin without the drama.


We can do this because we’ve been where you are…and we know what it really takes to feel at home in your body.


In addition to our personal experiences, Hadley is a Life Coach and is completing an in-depth study in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Jaclyn is a Movement Guide with KINRGY and a Holistic Healing Coach.


BODY LOVE MAGIC starts on November 27th and includes… 

  • 4x self-paced video modules guiding you through the BODY LOVE MAGIC process which includes mindset and movement practices to increase body love

  • Group chat for extra support throughout the 4 weeks

  • Weekly continued exploration activities

  • Surprise BONUSES


We invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you…


  • What would it be like to wake up each morning trusting yourself to do what’s best for your body?

  • To achieve a better relationship with food and exercise with more ease and joy?

  • To no longer struggle with accepting your appearance and instead be at peace with who you are today?


This is SO possible for you. 


Are you ready to start making body love a non-negotiable in your life?


We invite you to click here to claim your spot today for $49 because there’s magic on the other side  ✨ 

Get the pre-launch 50% discount by entering code MAGIC50 in check out by midnight MST by 11/26/23.



We begin on November 27th and wrap up on December 18th! There are no live calls because it's best when you get to work through each weekly module at your own pace. And you'll get lifetime access to the materials so there's spaciousness to integrate, rinse, and repeat as you desire.

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