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Relaxed and Worthy

1:1 coaching with Hadley Hagen

For the self-aware woman ready to live up to her full potential with joy and ease.

You will hear from me in early 2024!

Join the waitlist because you'll get 50% off your first session when spots open in early 2024.


You’ve got a big vision, even bigger potential, and living up to it is all about one thing…

Learning to surrender.


In plain English? Stop trying so hard to make it happen.


Oof easier said than done, huh. 


It wasn’t that long ago that I spent 10 years trying so hard to lose weight, 9 years single trying so hard to find a boyfriend, and 7 years unfulfilled trying so hard to find my purpose in corporate America.


Suffice it to say: I’ve been there. I tried so many things to change my life, but it only got me one thing: more stress.


Can you relate? I know how frustrating it can be to pour so much time, money, and energy into getting what you want, but not have all your efforts pay off yet.


The good news, it doesn’t have to stay that way. All of these things I mention have since happened in my life (yay!), but not at all in the ways I tried so hard to make them:


  • I lost weight only after I stopped dieting and over-exercising.

  • I fell in love only after I stopped dating to “find my person.”

  • I found my purpose only after I gave up trying to find it in corporate America.


All of a sudden, it hit me. When I stop trying so hard, I get what I was so desperately trying to achieve, but with less effort. I know how it sounds, but I didn’t just sit back and wait for a miracle without any action on my part. I also didn’t force positive affirmations in the mirror or journal about my future self every day.


Which begs the question, “What DID I do?!”


Maybe you’re like me. You don’t want to be told to just surrender or relax, you want to know HOW.


The truth is this. There is not ONE right way and that’s why I offer Internal Family Systems (IFS) as my approach to coaching.


This sought-after, evidence-based approach to healing and growth is not about me giving you all the answers.  Instead, I guide you through a subconscious and somatic journey where your inner world lays out the exact blueprint of how you can soften and relax into your potential.


Doesn’t that make so much sense? Through personalized 1:1 coaching where you learn how to partner with your unique inner world and nervous system instead of trying to change and override it all the time, life starts to get better and better without so much effort.


This Chinese proverb says it best: Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.


So who are you going to invest in? The version of you that…


A) Has big potential but keeps doing the most without much to show for it


or the version of you that…


B) Learns to relax into her worth and fulfills her potential with ease


Choose your adventure now, you can thank me later: 

1 Week of Coaching for $150 includes:

  • One 60-minute session with Hadley

  • Followed by 1 week of back-and-forth voice messaging on Voxer

1 Month of Coaching for $550 includes:

  • Four 60-minute sessions with Hadley

  • 4 weeks of back-and-forth voice messaging on Voxer

Coaching spots open in early 2024— and the best part? The smarties on the waitlist get 50% off their first package. You need in, like, yesterday.


I help self-aware women get out of their own way.

All the stuff you already know about yourself? Let's start using that for good.

As a certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) coach, I help you make authenticity a non-negotiable in your life.

  • You will finally get out of the awareness stage of healing and into seeing real, tangible improvements in your life because you will be more connected with your truest wisest self than ever before.

  • You will understand your emotions in a new way and learn the evidence-based skills to release them so you feel a greater self of freedom in your life and trust in yourself.

  • You will build momentum in the direction of your dreams as you start to invest more into your potential than your past.

This transformation is SO possible for you through 1:1 coaching and will save you time, money, and energy on your path to fulfill your potential and bring your big vision to life. Are you ready to trust the pull that you were made for more?

With Love,


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